Puget Systems revealed the difference between Intel processors

Puget Systems revealed the difference between Intel processors

Many people wonder when looking for a server to rent: does it really make any difference what type of processor is used? Is it a Core processor designed for desktops and laptops, or a Xeon, a pro-level processor designed for demanding tasks and data centers?

We could discuss abstract concepts of “quality” and “reliability”, which are assumed to be higher for the server versions. We could also analyze the reasons for this state of affairs, e.g., the manufacturers' perceived risk of litigation costs. Suppose a personal computer or a public server, which is used to run a serious infrastructure, fails due to the manufacturer's fault. In that case, the losses will be talked about in a qualitatively different order of figures.

This time, to answer the difference in the type of processors, a very concrete argument appeared from the American computer builder, Puget Systems. The company has published statistics for 2021, with data on failures in two variations: in-store inspections to detect obvious and testable manufacturing defects even before a sale and in subsequent usage and customer complaints in connection with it.

Complete data, including other components, can be found at the direct link, and the facts of interest to us are summarized as follows:

  • the new 11th generation Intel Core desktop processors showed 5.25% defects detected before the sale and 1.32% afterward;
  • Intel Xeon W-2200 processors, for example, showed 0% for both variants during the same year;
  • scalable Intel Xeon processors showed 0.33% defects before the sale and 0% after.

Not all equipment and services providers perform a specialized inspection of the equipment before the sale to identify defects in the pre-sale stage, so the percentages indicated for both options for detecting defects can be easily summed up in most cases.

The decision of which hosting company to choose, of course, is yours, but first, based on the figures and facts presented, think about it, are you willing to risk relying on non-core equipment and specialists offering it when it comes to your infrastructure?

In their turn, our professional engineers are always glad to see you among our customers on the servers, which we assemble using only professional equipment, including server processors and RAM with automatic error correction (ECC).

Servers are available for you both in Russia and Europe, and our technical support is available 24 hours a day in Russian, English, and Czech. Welcome!


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