Our mission

Миссия Atlex.ru

ATLEX Company was created in order to provide corporate and individual clients with reliable infrastructure for the development of Internet projects.

The full range of services provided by ATLEX, from hosting and CDN to protection against DDoS attacks, allows you to place your IT tasks in safe hands and concentrate your efforts on your core business.

We believe that professionals in their fields work with us: financiers and sellers, journalists and educators, system integrators, and mobile application developers.

Whoever you are: a business owner, CIO, or admin - we will find a common language with you. Resellers and system integrators, aggregators, and hosting service providers - we can meet your infrastructure needs.

Our level of competence should match your ambitions:

  • we select sites for server placement, guided by security considerations, the quality of communication channels, and the ability to provide our engineers with physical access to equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • we can provide hosting in the best data centers in both Russia and partner data centers in Europe;
  • our support service is ready to answer your questions around the clock in any format convenient for you: by phone, chat, letter, or Skype;
  • we are ready to advise you at any stage of cooperation, including the moment of making a decision on choosing the type of hosting (virtual hosting or server, colocation of your servers, or rent of new equipment);
  • ATLEX specialists have experience of participating in projects related to the implementation of OpenStack at the enterprise level (for example, cloud labs for developers of applications on OpenStack and other ideas that our clients decide on).

Whether you're an e-commerce business or blogging, we're here to help you get on with your business and not waste time solving IT infrastructure issues. That is why we formulate our mission as follows: “Provide professional
IT infrastructure”

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