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ATLEX logo

ATLEX Logo Usage Guidelines

ATLEX Logo Usage Guidelines

Terms of use of the ATLEX logo

These Rules govern the limits of the possible use of the logo owned by Okey-Telecom LLC (hereinafter referred to as ATLEX).

  1. The use of the ATLEX logo means familiarization and acceptance of these Rules.
  2. The use of the ATLEX logo by third parties is possible on a free of charge basis only for non-commercial purposes by placing the logo on the website or in the mobile application with the obligatory observance of the provisions specified below. In this case, a direct link to the ATLEX website must be placed along with the logo.
  3. Any logo modification is prohibited, including translation, division into parts, distortion, use of the logo, or part of it as part of other logos, brand names, slogans, and others.
  4. It is forbidden to place the ATLEX logo on resources that do not comply with the requirements of the law, including those containing:
    • inaccurate information about ATLEX and/or services/goods/products of ATLEX;
    • viruses and other malicious components;
    • materials that violate the copyright/exclusive rights of third parties;
    • information defaming the honor, dignity, or business reputation of ATLEX or third parties;
    • other information/materials, the distribution of which is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation or other countries.
  5. By placing the ATLEX logo, it is prohibited to create the impression of cooperation between ATLEX and another company (person)/association of persons unless otherwise agreed with ATLEX.
  6. These Rules are subject to change by ATLEX. When using the ATLEX logo, ensure to follow the current version of the Rules, which is posted on this page of the ATLEX website.
  7. In case of violation of the terms of these Rules, ATLEX has the right to apply for the protection of its legitimate interests to law enforcement agencies, including the court.

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