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cPanel Control Panel is an industry leader in the software market that makes it easy to turn a dedicated server into a fully automated hosting system. In addition, it makes it possible to automate complex server management procedures in an easy and understandable web interface.


cPanel has a multi-level differentiation of access to administration functions. This feature ensures flexible management of functions both at the administrator or reseller levels and at the end-user level.

Example of operations that cPanel facilitates for a website owner:

  • Loading and managing web pages
  • Creating e-mail accounts, webmail
  • Installing web applications such as blogs, e-shops, forums
  • Generating and viewing statistics of visits to the site
  • Viewing error logs to identify broken links and other problems, etc.

Example of operations that cPanel facilitates for the server administrator:

  • Creating and editing clients’ accounts
  • Getting warnings about problems on the server
  • Developing and applying different hosting plans
  • Blocking spam
  • Managing graphic design in the client interface, etc.


ispmanager Lite

ispmanager Business

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ispmanager is one of the leading multifunctional Internet server control panels through a simple and understandable web interface. All basic server management operations, such as creating users, websites, domains, mailboxes, may be performed with a couple of mouse clicks.


The ispmanager hosting control panel was created taking into account a multi-level access rights system, which simplifies the work of administration for all users of the server. In addition, the access sharing system allows using ispmanager, both for private use and for providing professional hosting services.

Advantages for the Users:

  • A huge set of functions for managing your server or user account.
  • Easy transfer of accounts between hosting sites with ispmanager.
  • Harmonious logical organization of the control panel interface.
  • Multilingual interface and documentation.
  • Several types of interface design.
  • Flash training videos.

Advantages for the System Administrators:

  • Supporting various operating systems.
  • Working with a wide range of different software. Various variants of the web server, mail server, database server, etc., are supported.
  • Minimal use of system resources.
  • ispmanager does not change the structure of the operating system "for itself". Along with working in ispmanager, you can make additional changes to configuration files via shell.
  • A multi-level access rights system will save the administrator from the routine work related to creating domains, websites, mailboxes, etc. Users can do all this and much more independently within the limits of the quotas assigned and the policy defined by you.
  • The Russian-speaking round-the-clock support service will help you in solving any issues related to ispmanager.
  • Revision and updating of the software product are performed on a regular basis. Thanks to the automatic update system, you will always have the latest version of ispmanager installed.


To order a license, send a request
or call
+7 (495) 234-77-11.

DirectAdmin Control Panel is a simpler and easier-to-use hosting control panel.


DirectAdmin also has a multi-level differentiation of access to administration functions. For example, there are roles of Server Administrator, Reseller, and Hosting User.

  • Easy-to-use. It has a simple interface that is not overloaded with functions.
  • Fast. The developers set themselves the task of making the fastest hosting control panel.
  • Stable. It reduces downtime using automatic recovery after faults.

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