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Please note: This document is an English translation of the document found here. In the event of a conflict between the Russian version of this document and this translation, the Russian version shall prevail. Only the Russian version of this document found here is legally binding.


ATLEX.Ru (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “We”) is a hosting provider. All accounts hosted on our servers, including individual domains and/or individual physical servers, are subject to the "Terms of Use of Services" described herein. Your payment for our services means that you have read, understood, and accepted all the points of this Agreement, which is an inseparable part of the Public Offer Agreement. A link to the latter has been provided at the time of your application for the service.


The services provided by Us may be used only for legitimate purposes. Any illegal actions within the Russian Federation, on your or any other jurisdiction to which the web resources posted by you may be related, are strictly prohibited. While using the services provided, you are strictly prohibited from posting any illegal, threatening, obscene, defamatory, offensive, pornographic, vulgar information of any kind, as well as links to such, including any information that contributes to illegal actions. We reserve the right to determine what exactly constitutes a violation of these Terms of Use of the Services.


Users of virtual hosting services are prohibited from:

  1. Initiate any processes on the server, any of which takes up more than 32 MB of system RAM or more than 30 seconds of processor time, as well as more than 5% of all available system resources at any given time.
  2. Use programs of any type in real time that require significant server system resources. Applications running on remote hosts are allowed without restrictions.
  3. Leave autonomous processes running that are no longer needed, including daemons (for example, IRCD).
  4. Run any software that is somehow connected with IRC (Internet Relay Chat).
  5. Place any content outside of your home directory.
  6. Post (make available from the outside) any content related (but not limited to these terms) to nudity, pornography, as well as links to such resources.
  7. Initiate more than 20 processes simultaneously (simultaneously running CGI scripts, cron, shell).

Users of server equipment rental services are prohibited from:

  1. Update or make changes to the software, drive firmware, BIOS firmware, IPMI firmware.
  2. Encrypt the drives in hardware using ASIC or software method, standard or third-party software.
  3. Perform low-level formatting of drives.
  4. Perform cleaning of drives in violation of the manufacturer's procedure.
  5. Updating of any regular firmware shall be performed by DC employees or administrators.

Our Users also undertake to comply with the following:

  1. Do not violate "Network Usage Standards" of the Open Forum Of Internet Service Providers.
  2. Access to user databases shall be provided only from the local host. Access from outside for system security reasons shall be provided only in exceptional cases.


We do NOT accept spam (unauthorized mailings) in any of its manifestations. Any account caught spamming will be deleted without warning. The balance of funds on this account will not be refunded. Learn more about the Rules for Using the Internet on the server of the Open Forum of Internet Service Providers.

ATLEX.Ru shall have the right to change or disable, if necessary, any website, account, database, or other components of the server, in case of its non-compliance with these Rules. We also reserve the right to make any changes to the content of the client part of the server in emergency cases.


You undertake to protect ATLEX.Ru from any liability — legal, administrative, or moral — related to any kinds of claims, fines, damages, costs, legal costs caused by your actions and/or the actions of your visitors when using our service. This applies, without any restrictions or exceptions, both to you (or persons acting on your behalf) and to persons whose accounts, domains, websites, or other components are located inside your account.


ATLEX.Ru reserves the right to refuse to provide services or terminate the services provided to anyone at its sole discretion. ATLEX.Ru may refuse access to all or part of the services provided without special notice if you violate these Rules in any part of them. ATLEX.Ru is not responsible for notifying or not notifying any third parties about the withdrawal of your access and for the possible consequences resulting from such a warning or its absence. You hereby agree that ATLEX.Ru performs electronic monitoring of your account from time to time and has the right to grant access to your account to the appropriate authorities in due legal form. ATLEX.Ru reserves the right to prohibit the publication of certain materials that, in our opinion, are unacceptable, undesirable or violate these Rules. If, according to ATLEX.Ru, there has been a violation of these Rules on your part, ATLEX.Ru has the right not to return the prepaid, but unspent funds paid for the use of the services. If, within 30 days after the opening of the hosting, you do not feel satisfied with our hosting services and you did not violate these Hosting Rules and the Offer Agreement, we will refund you the full amount paid for hosting via WebMoney. The money paid for the renewal or registration of domains will not be repaid. The domain will remain in your ownership and can be transferred to another registrar or hosted by another provider (provided that you have paid all our bills and do not owe Us anything). If you change your provider or refuse our hosting services after the first 30 days, the money paid for hosting will not be refunded to you. ATLEX.Ru shall ensure the smooth operation of the hosting. In the case when downtime occurred, we will compensate for its time at the request of the client by extending the hosting period for a period equal to the downtime.


You are aware that by posting any information on your account, you are thereby making it available to a particular part of the Internet audience, and ATLEX.Ru is unable to protect against access to your information or to protect your information from violation of your copyright protection. You consciously assume the entire risk of using the provided service and the World Wide Web as a whole. It shall be solely your prerogative to take all possible measures to notify the members of the network community and/or prevent all possible consequences when using the service provided by Us.

You hereby agree not to take any actions that could cause at least some damage to the system or other network resources using Internet access, including attempts at unauthorized access. You hereby undertake to comply with all the requirements of these Rules, as well as all the requirements arising from the limitations of the relevant services provided to you by ATLEX.Ru.

ATLEX.Ru reserves the right to control all information flows of the server by its own means. With that, you are aware that the technical configuration of the channel-forming equipment of ATLEX.Ru is located in the usual mutual environment of the corresponding equipment of third-party companies, and no special security of communication lines is guaranteed.


You hereby confirm that by accepting the use of our services, you provide reliable contact information (postal address, phone number) and undertake to notify Us in a timely manner if they change. You also understand and agree that in the case of non-cash payment, you confirm the reliability of all the data you enter, and ATLEX.Ru in turn, reserves the right to check your data for their legality and the absence of fraud.


As the account owner, you should be responsible for all the content of your virtual server. If one of your employees / proxies violates these Rules, We reserve the right to suspend or delete your account, depending on the severity of the violation, the degree of which shall be determined by Us.


You hereby agree to make all necessary payments for the service provided by Us in a timely manner by prepayment. To stop using our services, you must notify Us one month in advance. You hereby agree that until you have notified ATLEX.Ru of your intent to stop using our services, the corresponding payments will continue to be debited from your account. If the specified upload on a server and the characteristics of the tariff plans are exceeded, the cost of services can be revised upwards and determined individually.


These Rules are a Public Offer Contract. They replace a written or another form of agreement and have equal legal force with a written contract. You agree to this and acknowledge the unconditional legal force of these Rules. The inability to fulfill any of the paragraphs of these Rules in no way affects the remaining parts of this document, unconditionally accepted by both parties. Such non-compliance may be taken into account by Us only in cases of your physical inability to comply with a particular paragraph of these Rules.

ATLEX.Ru reserves the right to change these Rules at any time without prior notice.

By paying for your order, you hereby confirm your acceptance of these Rules, consent to them, and undertake to fulfill them on the above conditions.

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