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The data center, land, and all associated infrastructure are fully owned by Host-telecom.com s.r.o.


It is one of the most reliable data centers in the Czech Republic.


It is built in accordance with the Tier III level requirements.

Air conditioning

Server rooms are air-conditioned using a natural cooling system with chillers and air heat exchangers located on a specially equipped site in the closed guarded courtyard of the data center building.

Air conditioning

In the server rooms, all standards for temperature and humidity conditions, as well as for dust filtration, are observed.

Electricity supply

The data center is powered by four independent mutually redundant power sources (input from two independent suppliers with an intelligent load distribution system, battery UPS system, diesel).

Electricity supply

Switching between sources occurs without any interruptions to the server and network equipment power supply.

Fire safety

The data center is equipped with an intelligent early fire detection system. Combustion / smoldering products in the air activate a fire alarm with smoke and temperature sensors located throughout the premises.

Fire safety

The gas fire extinguishing system allows you to eliminate the source of fire in the shortest possible time without harming the equipment. The gas is non-toxic to humans and safe to breathe.



External and internal video surveillance systems provide the security of the data center. The central security post is at the entrance of the building. The police station is located one kilometer away from the building.


Electronic access system on the territory of the data center for customers, engineers, technical personnel, and administrators, with different access levels.


Access and all actions are recorded by the electronic access system, thereby completely eliminating the possibility of unauthorized entry into the information storage center.


All planned technical work at the data center is strictly regulated.


Customers are informed of external requests regarding their equipment.


The seizure of equipment is only possible with an order of the Czech Court, in the case of any reasonable suspicion of committing a serious or particularly serious crime. Therefore, for 10 years, there has not been a single seizure precedent.


Encrypted data transmission channels.


Advice on the optimal choice of equipment and architecture, taking into account the law No. 152 FZ “On Personal Data” and GDPR.


Customers are provided with a ”Red Button” service. It may be used to turn off the Internet channel to the equipment via SMS or by phone in case of an emergency. This provides additional data protection.



24h professional support in Russian, English and Czech.


Our data center engineers provide both a system administration service and an operational assistance service to solve any issue that requires remote help.


Availability of the own spare equipment and accessories allows delivery services for the operational replacement of server components.


24/7 access to the data center for authorized personnel.


There is a special room for equipment configuration and repair with the necessary tools and environment in the data center.


Closed boxes for storing your additional equipment and tools are provided upon request.

Contact us!

+7 (495) 234-77-11


Our office address is as follows: Moscow, Andropova pr., 10.

The address of the data center in the Czech Republic: Pod Rafandou 906, 39181 Veselí nad Lužnicí.


Zero server installation fee, guaranteed availability of Internet channels, unlimited traffic, 24/7 support.

Dedicated Servers

Rent a server with white IP addresses that are not in spam lists and are not blocked by Roskomnadzor.

Dedicated Racks

Confidentiality of data and uninterrupted operation.

System Administration

Have your server managed by qualified professionals.

Virtual Infrastructure

Your virtual private cloud in our data centres.

Virtual Servers (VPS/VDS)

Data centers are built in accordance with the Tier III level requirements.

Virtual hosting

The ability to quickly launch a new website or migrate an existing one to our platform.

Cloud Storage

Object storage for safe and secure storing.

SSL Sertificates

Reliable SSL certificates from trusted registrars.

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