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Cybersecurity in 2024: 7 important trends that are important for all to learn about

The cybersecurity industry faces many challenges in 2023 — the frequency and ingenuity of cyberattacks on businesses has steadily increased over the past few years, and will obviously continue to grow in the coming year. So how do you protect yourself in this volatile digital world?


Massive failure in Runet: .RU domain zone was unavailable for several hours

On January 30, 2024, a massive outage occurred in the Russian segment of the Internet, making many sites in the .RU domain inaccessible. According to the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, the incident was caused by malfunctions in the DNSSEC protocol.


AMD released a special processor for AI, competing with NVIDIA

AMD Corporation has created a new graphics processor designed specifically for AI systems and large language models.


Dell completely leaves Russia, getting rid of the staff

Earlier, at the end of February, Dell had already suspended the supply of servers to the Russian market and is now leaving completely.


Explosion at Google data center seriously injures 3 people

An explosion occurred at a Google data center in Iowa, leaving three people in critical condition with severe burns.


F5 Networks announced the leaving of Igor Sysoev, the creator of the legendary web server

F5 Networks announced that Igor Sysoev, the author of Nginx, has left the company. For nine years, the programmer worked on the creation and development of the project. Unfortunately, the famous product creator is leaving the company when it is on the wave of an unprecedented rise. The product he created is the world’s most popular web server. He managed to push aside all competitors, including the famous Apache.


Puget Systems revealed the difference between Intel processors

Many people wonder when looking for a server to rent: does it really make any difference what type of processor is used? Is it a Core processor designed for desktops and laptops, or a Xeon, a pro-level processor designed for demanding tasks and data centers?

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