Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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1. General Provisions

This agreement is an appendix to the Offer published on the Internet at: defines the quality characteristics of the services (hereinafter referred to as “Services,” “Service”) provided by Okеy-Telecom Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Provider,” ATLEX) within the framework of the Service (

The refunds stated in this agreement are your sole and exclusive refunds in the event of problems with the provision of ATLEX services.

2. General refund terms

2.1. Refunds are paid by crediting an equivalent amount to the Personal account.

2.2. The total cost of service refunds issued for any service during one (1) calendar month may not exceed 100% of the monthly fee paid for this service or the monthly fee on a pro-rata basis if the payment period is not monthly.

2.3. Requests for refunds must be sent in writing to within 5 working days after the relevant incident.

2.4. When opening a support ticket during the failure in question, you should include detailed information about the problem that occurred and actions to reproduce the problem symptoms. In most cases, this is considered the start time of downtime.

2.5. Refunds will not be summed up if several failures overlap; you will receive a refund only for the service component that we determine as the primary cause.

2.6. The refund is non-transferable and can be applied to the future provision of services only to the account to which it was issued and cannot be exchanged for cash or other forms of payment. In addition, any unpaid or previously accrued bonuses will be rescinded when the Client's account is closed.

2.7. All downtime calculations will be made solely at our discretion, and only our decision regarding the volume and the right to refund will be final and binding.

2.8. Accounts that are overdue, have been overdue two (2) or more times in the previous twelve (12) months, or have unresolved violations of the service use policy, waive any right to make a claim under this Agreement.

2.9. Refunds exclude scheduled maintenance periods or emergencies that have arisen as a result of force majeure.

2.10. If multiple servers are load balanced in a cluster configuration, this Agreement should only be applied when the entire cluster is idle as defined in each section of the Agreement because a load-balanced cluster is intentionally designed to be fail-over clusters and allow one or more servers to go offline without damaging the service.

3. Network

3.1. Internal network

The internal network includes cables, network switches, routers, and firewalls within our network perimeter, which are under our exclusive control or the control of our direct upstream network partners. It does not include network interface controllers as part of the client’s server equipment hosted on our network.

3.1.1. Downtime

Internal network downtime occurs when two servers provided by ATLEX in the same data center cannot exchange data with each other for a consecutive period exceeding fifteen (15) minutes due to an internal network failure. This does not apply to any other reasons of communication problems caused, for instance, by an incorrect configuration or restrictions of the server or firewall.

3.1.2. Guarantees

100% uptime of the connection for the internal network.

3.1.3. Refund

Provision of the service for a period ten times (10x) longer than the downtime.

3.2. Internet / External network

The Internet (external network) includes third-party networks between the internal network and end-user connections to the Internet. It excludes end-users' Internet connections and their respective providers' networks as they are the exclusive purview of the respective end-user connection provider and cannot be influenced or circumvented by any hosting providers.

3.2.1. Downtime

External network downtime occurs when a server provided by ATLEX is unable to send and receive data to and from the Internet for a consecutive period exceeding fifteen (15) minutes due to a failure in the external network. For practical purposes, it is not considered that the server is experiencing downtime in the external network, provided that it can send and receive data over at least two (2) main transit networks used by ATLEX.

3.2.2. Guarantees and refunds

Uptime, % Refund,
% of the corresponding
Service tariff cost
99,90 > А ≥ 99,72 5
99,72 > A ≥ 99,45 10
99,45 > A ≥ 98,90 15
98,90 > A ≥ 96,71 20
96,71 > A ≥ 76,98 50
76,98 > A 100

4. Critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure includes power supplies, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, including UPS equipment and cables, but does not include server hardware, software, and power supply units.

4.1. Guarantees

100% uptime for all critical infrastructure.

4.2. Downtime

Critical infrastructure downtime occurs when your service is unavailable due to power problems or overheating, and is measured from the first of the following points: (а) when infrastructure monitoring alerts our engineers, or (б) a technical support request is created to report a maintenance problem with a critical infrastructure failure as the main cause.

4.3. Refund

Provision of the service for a period ten times (10x) longer than the downtime.

5. Platform

The platform includes computer hardware and any composite software layers responsible for providing hosting services, such as for example, virtualization technology. It does not include the operating system on your server or any other application software.

5.1. Guarantees and refunds

Uptime, % Refund,
% of the corresponding
Service tariff cost
99,90 > А ≥ 99,72 5
99,72 > A ≥ 99,45 10
99,45 > A ≥ 98,90 15
98,90 > A ≥ 96,71 20
96,71 > A ≥ 76,98 50
76,98 > A 100

6. Support

6.1. For managed servers, virtual hosting, cloud services

Server support and management means the technical assistance and administration we provide to help you with your server. This is an important part of our services for you and determines the difference between your server working as you need it and its faulty state.

6.1.1. Description

The server support and management included in our services for you contain the following concerning your managed server provided by us:

  • Troubleshooting and solving problems that affect the operation of pre-installed software (for example, Apache or Plesk);
  • Updating, fixing, configuring, and optimizing the pre-installed software;
  • Installing additional modules for pre-installed software (for example, PHP modules);
  • Installation of additional software components provided that we alone determine the technical feasibility to ensure stable operation for you;
  • Troubleshooting and solving problems with server hardware, virtualization platform, and network connection.

For the sake of clarity, the client's area of responsibility includes the following:

  • Settings in the hosting control panel interface (for example, creating a new mailbox in cPanel, Plesk, and others);
  • Development / installation / debugging of software for websites;
  • Working on your personal computer (we will recommend settings of email / FTP client, etc. and will try to help where possible, but we do not solve problems with your personal computer);
  • End-user questions / technical support regarding operations that will be performed inside the (optional) ATLEX OpenStack portal; you are required to provide first-level technical support and reproduce all detected problems before contacting ATLEX support with a clear and accurate description of the actions that need to be performed to reproduce the problem.

6.2. General provisions

Technical support and system administration are provided in the 24x7x365 mode.

Organizational and administrative (operational) support is provided from Monday to Friday from 10: 00 to 18: 00.

6.3. Guarantees

Although we strive to provide all customers with fast and efficient technical assistance at any time, with the response time measured in minutes, we also guarantee that the maximum response time for any new support request will be one (1) hour.

The response time is measured from the moment the request ticket is opened in our support service until the moment when the ATLEX specialist leaves the initial response in the request ticket. This response usually indicates the results of a preliminary review of your problem by a specialist.

We take responsibility for solving a wide range of issues of varying complexity, so a reasonable time to solve one problem may be completely unreasonable for solving another.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee the resolution time of the problem described in the support request (although other aspects of this SLA guarantee troubleshooting). All our engineers are technical experts in their field, and we strive to solve all issues as quickly as possible.

If we determine that several requests are open for the same or closely related issues, we can combine the related tickets and respond to you only in one. The remaining extra tickets will be closed and excluded from this guarantee.

During the following holiday periods (exclusively), we work with limited staff and can provide reduced support services, during which the guarantee of the maximum response time does not apply to some requests with a low priority. This allows us to ensure that we can maintain a high-quality support service for all other issues. We will assess the severity of the ticket based on our reasonable understanding of its impact on the client's business. All requests with a low priority can be answered within two (2) hours after the end of the relevant holiday period, although in most cases, they will be processed during these periods.

  • December 25- 02:00-23:59 and December 26- 00:00-08:00 GMT
  • December 31- 22:00-23:59 and January 1- 00:00-08:00 GMT

6.4. Request escalation

You can escalate the request by increasing the priority of your ticket in your personal account when contacting the support service if the problem significantly impacts your business.

If your request is critical for business, we recommend that you increase its priority to highlight the ticket in the general flow, and we could provide you with a faster response than usual. This is unnecessary in most cases, but we have introduced this method to provide our customers with additional confidence.

6.5. Refund

If there is no request escalation, a bonus is provided from 1% of your monthly fee to a maximum of 5% for the service, the problem of which was discussed in the request, for each hour over the guaranteed maximum response time. If the request refers to several services, the refund is calculated as a percentage of only the highest cost of the service.

If there is request escalation, from 2% of your monthly fee to a maximum of 10% is provided for the service, the problem of which was discussed in the request, for each hour over the guaranteed maximum response time. If the request refers to several services, the refund is calculated as a percentage of only the highest cost of the service.

7. Monitoring

Monitoring helps us to maintain a highly reliable service. By monitoring important aspects of the state of your server, it notifies us of problems as soon as they arise, and we can fix the situation before the issues cause a service disruption.

Despite us trying to detect all the errors, the software is complex, and there are always new and diverse ways of incorrect behavior. We cannot guarantee the detection of all possible malfunctions, especially because they are sometimes specific to your specific application code (for example, the server may work correctly, but your application may not).

8. Security updates

Our team of experienced server engineers regularly monitors a wide range of information sources to stay informed of new security threats. Our extensive experience and the technologies we work with allow us to update your servers in most cases without downtime or sometimes with a very fast restart of services to provide you with very fast and complete protection.

After our engineers detect a threat or updated software, we follow a strict quality assurance procedure before installing an update to ensure the highest quality of service. This includes determining the urgency of the patch so that we can allocate the appropriate engineering resources, perform thorough automated and manual testing that would guarantee full compatibility with other software on our servers, and then begin an initial deployment on non-critical servers before engaging all other customers during the guaranteed period offered by their service package.

Although this process may take only a few hours, in some more complex cases, we are required to perform even more thorough procedures, which may take longer, but are necessary to ensure the stability of your services.

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