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ATLEX Cloud Storage




Incoming traffic is completely free of charge.


Unlimited number of requests (PUT/GET/DEL/etc).


Data storage costs just 1 ₽ per GB.


Outgoing traffic costs 1 ₽ per GB and is billed based on actual usage at the end of the month.


Storage in multiple copies on different servers.


Secure connection over encrypted data channels.


Download files from public storage at up to 900 Mbit/s.


Access to the storage via the OpenStack Swift API, S3 API, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Samba/CIFS, FUSE s3fs/swiftfs/curlftpfs.


SLA guarantees data accessible 99.98% of the time.


Professional technical support is available around the clock in English, Czech, and Russian.


Reliable fail-safe storage in the data center, built in accordance with the requirements of Tier III.

A special feature for those who download a lot!

Connect the cache server and pay less!

How does it work?

The file request goes through the cache server but not directly to the storage.

  • The first download of file: you pay for the information volume downloaded by the cache server from the storage and for this volume given by the cache server upon request;
  • Re-downloads within 8 hours: you pay only for downloading from the cache server!

Cloud Storage Calculator

Prices are VAT excluded.

Additional features


Ability to add your own headers of objects (files).


Ability to set restrictions on the total amount of information and file storage time.


The ability to distribute content through public containers.


The ability to link level 2 domains for static sites and level 3 for individual resources to public containers.


Storing data in private containers protected by username and password access.


Teamwork and Access Control List for container (ACL).


The ability to create public links for downloading files without the requirement to register in the service.


We use only a fixed cost per gigabyte, without additional payments for the number of requests and traffic, to calculate the cost of archived information stored in local storage.*

If you use the storage to receive publicly available content, such as photos of your products on the website, you will also need to pay for outgoing traffic.**

* — on traffic exchange between the storage and servers in our data center.

** — on traffic exchange between the storage and any publicly available device outside our data center.

You can connect to the storage from any operating system in the following ways:

  • HTTP / HTTPS, you can also use specific WordPress, Joomla, Bitrix plugins for storage automation and receiving data;
  • WebDAV;
  • FTP / SFTP;
  • S3;
  • FUSE;
  • various complete programs for connecting drives in OS Windows.

To access the cloud, you can use:

Please note that this is not a complete list of possible options, and you can always contact us for additional advice.

Cloud storage provides reliable storage of your objects in replicated storage. You can get more information about backup mechanisms from our guides:

You can submit the application in any of the following ways:

  • Optimize the size of the files — images, code. If possible, store the data in an archived form.
  • Keep track of the relevance of data in the repository. Delete older versions after updating the content.
  • Combine storages, for example: in the local store backups, and through a public give out the current content.

We use triple data replication, which means all your data is simultaneously stored on 3 servers.

If you require more reliability, then we can find an individual solution.

Reliable fault-tolerant storage is provided in data centers built according to Tier III requirements in Moscow and the Czech Republic.

  1. Create a publicly available storage unit and put a file there.
  2. Create any storage unit, grant the access rights to the user who is registered in our storage, and upload files there for exchange.
  3. Need to implement another option? Contact us (via , by e-mail, by phone +7 (495) 234-77-11).

Yes, by setting the necessary access rights, but if a third-party user knows the object’s name in the storage unit, he will be able to get it.

The cloud provides storage space and virtual infrastructure – virtual servers / networks / disks.

Cloud storage only provides disk space for storing information.

  • For storing images of product items for a web store, usually, at least 100 GB is enough;
  • For storing backups of sites with databases, at least 500 GB is enough;
  • For storing personal family archives for a couple of years, at least 1 TB is enough;
  • For storing backups of servers, at least 5 TB is enough;
  • For storing backups of infrastructure, at least 100 TB is enough.

No hidden fees. We offer clear and fully functioning solutions. Additional services are only optional.

Invoices shall be issued 10 days before the end of the period. We accept multiple payment methods, including cash and cashless payments.

Contact us!

+7 (495) 234-77-11

Our office address is as follows: 6 Proektiruemy Proezd No. 4062, bldg. 16, Moscow.

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