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About Storage

Cloud storage allows you to safely host your data in Russia and Europe without purchasing and maintaining your own storage infrastructure.

Access is carried out at any time and from any place connected to the Internet. Data in the cloud is stored distributed and redundantly, which provides reliable protection against natural disasters, human error, or mechanical failure.

ATLEX Cloud Storage

Free option "cache server"

Connection of the "cache server" option is provided to our clients free of charge and allows:

  • reduce traffic costs;
  • speed up data access for a European audience by storing original content in Russia and vice versa.

How to save money with the "cache server" option

  1. connect the option to your storage and use links leading through the cache server to download content instead of direct links into the cloud storage;
  2. when someone will download a file for the first time, you will pay for the volume downloaded by the cache server from the storage at the standard rate of 1 ruble per GB and additionally for this amount given by the cache server to the end-user at the rate of 0.25 ruble per GB;
  3. if someone downloads the same content again within 8 hours, you will only pay for downloading from the cache server!

How to store original content in one location while speeding up access for another?

  1. use a cache server from another location than your cloud storage;
  2. when accessing the links leading to the cache server, the content for end-users will be downloaded from the location of the cache server. At the same time, for an outside observer, the connection between the cache server and the original content's location in cloud storage will be hidden.

ATLEX Cloud Storage

Data storage 1 ruble per GB per month
Outgoing traffic 1 ruble per GB
Option "Cache Server" Is free!

You need cloud storage if

  • You have a highly visited resource.
  • You purposefully want to place your data in the jurisdiction of Russia or Europe.
  • You want to remove the dependency of the loading speed of static content from the server on which your site is located.
  • Your site needs more storage space, but you're not willing to overpay for a more expensive plan with extra CPU and RAM.
  • You want to store the original content in one country, in order to comply with the law, while not showing visitors any connection to this country and improving the availability of content for the target audience through a cache server in another country.
  • Your website contains pages with a lot of static content: images, PDFs, and other files, and you want such pages to load faster than your competitors' pages.
  • You want to ensure good download speed and constant content availability for specific geolocation of your target audience: in Russia or Europe.
  • You want to use the same static content, for example, illustrations, on different, spaced out according to some principle, resources.
  • You rent a virtual server from us and want to save on your backups.
  • You want to diversify risks and securely store backups in a separate cloud location.

16 reasons to choose ATLEX Cloud Storage

Share content without limits

Allows you to store and distribute static content through public links without restrictions on the maximum volume or number of downloads.

Don't worry about the amount of space

Unlike shared hosting or VPS, you can flexibly and securely change the consumed volume (increase or decrease) with cloud storage without transferring the entire structure to a new location.

Choose convenient geolocation

Data centers in Europe and Russia allow you to use the location closest to your target audience and store data in the jurisdiction you need, using, if necessary, a cache server of another country.

Use your own domain

Storage allows you to replace our technical domain with your own, which positively affects the trust in the site both from users and from search engines.

Reduce costs with the cache server option

Cache content and store it for 8 hours while downloading the first time, and in the case of other downloads of the same content from the cache server, pay for traffic at a reduced cost.

Use multithreading

Cloud storage distributes static content in a multithreaded mode, allowing you to increase the download speed up to 5 times compared to the distribution of content placed on the same server as your website.

Speed up file downloads

Access is carried out via a 1 Gbps channel with no volume restrictions, significantly exceeding the standard unlimited 100-200 Mbps allocated for virtual hosting.

Don't overpay for traffic

Incoming traffic to the cloud storage is completely free. And if you restore backups of VPS / VDS rented from us through our web interface, you will not have to pay for outgoing traffic.

Control access when distributing content

Configure access via direct links and limit downloads to authorized users only, or, if necessary, remove the public link without deleting the content itself.

Save on requests

Unlike our competitors, we do not charge requests such as PUT, GET, HEAD, DELETE, etc. You will get the most benefit from this approach in the case of frequent requests to low-volume content.

Work via comfortable protocol

Cloud Storage has a web interface and supports applications and plugins running on FTP, SFTP, S3 Compatible, WebDAV, SWIFT API, FUSE.

Work with a team and scale

Unlike our competitors, we do not charge the number of users within an account. You control all storage resources and the distribution of access to them.

You don't need to be a specialist

You can configure backups through a convenient web interface without the need for special knowledge or skills.

Diversify your risks

Are you located in a different data center? No problem — use our storage to store your backups for additional reliability.

Save on used space

Cloud storage is cheaper than additional storage for a virtual server or upgrading to a higher virtual hosting plan.

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with something in our Cloud Storage during the first 14 days and refuse it, we will refund you!

F. A. Q.

To calculate the cost of storing information in local cloud storage, we use only a fixed cost per gigabyte, without additional payments for the number of requests and traffic. *

If you use cloud storage for public content distribution, such as photos of your products on the website, you will also need to pay for outgoing traffic. **

* — when exchanging traffic between storage and servers in our data center.

** — when exchanging traffic between the cloud storage and any public device outside our data center.

You can connect to the storage from any operating system in the following ways:

  • HTTP / HTTPS. You can also use special plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Bitrix to automate storage and retrieval of data;
  • WebDAV;
  • FTP / SFTP;
  • S3;
  • FUSE;
  • various ready-made programs for connecting drives in Windows.

To access the cloud, you can use:

Please note that this is not a complete list of possible options, and you can always contact us for additional advice.

Cloud storage provides reliable storage of your objects in storage with replication. You can learn more about some of the backup mechanisms in our guides:

The application can be submitted in any of the following ways:

  • Optimize the size of files — images, code. If possible, keep the data in an archived form.
  • Keep track of the relevance of data in the storage. Remove old versions after updating content.

We use triple data replication, while all your data is simultaneously stored on 3 servers.

If you require more reliability, then we can create an individual solution.

Reliable fault-tolerant storage is provided in data centers in Moscow and the Czech Republic, built in accordance with Tier III requirements.

The cloud provides not only storage space, but also virtual infrastructure — virtual servers/networks/disks.

Cloud storage only provides disk space for storing information.

  1. Create a public container and upload a file there;
  2. Create any container and grant rights to it to the user who is registered in our storage and upload files there for exchange;
  3. Need to implement another option? Contact us (via , by e-mail, by phone +7 (495) 234-77-11).

Yes, by setting the necessary access rights, but if a third-party user knows the name of the object in the container, he will be able to get it.

  • For storing product images for a web store, usually from 100 GB is enough;
  • Storing backups of sites with databases — from 500 GB;
  • For storing personal family archives for a couple of years — from 1 TB;
  • For storing server backups — from 5 TB;
  • For storing infrastructure backups — from 100 TB.

No hidden fees. We offer specific and fully functional solutions. Additional services are exclusively optional.

Invoices are issued 10 days before the end of the period. We accept a variety of payment methods including cash and bank transfer.

Still have questions? Contact us:

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