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Services of data centers, server hosting and cloud solutions.

Earn and grow with us — refer us and get up to a 15% bonus!


Your reward

Medium-sized companies can spend about 70 000 rubles per month on their IT infrastructure. You, as a partner, can receive up to 15% of their payments, and by bringing only three such clients, you can already earn up to 378 000 rubles a year.

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an affiliate bonus every month.


  1. As a partner, you can get up to 15% interest monthly from the client's payments for all services (the remuneration is paid within a year, then payments for the engaged client are terminated). Remuneration to the partner is credited only after the client pays the invoice. If monthly invoiced amounts of a client change, then the amount of the partner's remuneration changes proportionally and is calculated considering the payment for each month within 12 months.
  2. The remuneration is credited to an internal bonus account, and it can be used by the partner for paying our services or withdrawing funds. Withdrawing funds from the bonus account becomes possible if the partner has 4 or more engaged clients.
  3. Minimum withdrawal amount: 5 000 rubles

How do I offer your services?

Direct recommendation

If you are a system administrator, tell your CEO, CTO, or chief accountant that you can take the infrastructure abroad with our help.

Advertising on the website

If you are the website owner, then you can place advertising materials on your resource.

Social networks

If you are a blogger, make a review of our services.

Social events

If you are the conference organizer, invite us to give a presentation on moving data abroad or hosting services and get a bonus if someone comes to us as a client from the conference.

Informing your customers

If your clients are small and medium-sized companies. Tell your customers about us by phone or by e-mail.

Advantages of our service for clients

  • The ability to get a full range of hosting services in Moscow and Europe from one provider;
  • Communication with manager by e-mail, Skype, phone for immediate advice on all partnership issues;
  • Consultations and individual technical solutions for each order of a partner and his clients;
  • Professional technical support in Russian 24/7/365 for all projects hosted with us;
  • Providing compliance with Federal Law No. 152 “On Personal Data” when hosted in Russia;
  • Providing confidentiality, physical and legal security of clients’ information resources when hosted in Europe;
  • Own security service, which helps to keep your data safe and does not provide information upon requests from another country;
  • Infrastructure hosting in Tier-III data centers in Europe and Russia with 99.98% availability;
  • Own data centers in the Czech Republic, with their own technical support;
  • Information resources migration to Europe and legal assistance in compliance with Federal Law No. 152 “On Personal Data”.

Our partners are:

System administrators (freelancers)

System administrators (freelancers) who help their clients to find qualified services from a reliable IT infrastructure provider and receive immediate assistance from our specialists.

Freelance accountants and outsourcing organizations

Freelance accountants and outsourcing organizations specialized in accounting that need particularized 1C servers or consider the possibilities of moving important data abroad.

Hosting providers

Hosting providers who want to make money on hosting and renting servers, hosting, and cloud services but do not want to build their own modern data center, buy equipment and hire specialists.

Web studios and design studios

Web studios and design studios which are not getting enough of ordinary shared hosting and need private servers for high-load client projects.

Business consultants and advertising representatives

Business consultants and advertising representatives who offer their clients and partners cloud solutions in modern, reliable data centers in Russia and Europe for an additional fee.

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